Hello and Welcome to API Calendar!

For those who are involved and would like to get involved in the Asian and Pacific Islander community, this website is for you. Our website serves as a central calendar for all events put together and promoted by Asian and Pacific Islander organizations in your area.

For Clubs and Organizations:

We are currently developing a system that will enable you to create an account on apicalendar.com and post your events. Once our systems are updated we will be able to provide you with this service for FREE! Posting your events and managing attendees through this website will not cost you anything.

For Event Guests and Attendees:

This website will serve you by allowing you to browse events created by Asian and Pacific Islander organizations. You will be able to find events that you’d personally like to attend and even be able to pick an event according to the venue. We’ll also make it easy for you to RSVP and purchase tickets for events as well.

==> Click here to view a calendar of all our upcoming events.